Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help Wanted!

There are some days that we wish that we could get just a little bit of decent help! Today has been one of those days for me!

This morning I found myself making the 1,953,743rd phone call to one of our fine (NOT) state agencies. Is it REALLY too much too much to ask these workers to see my disabled child as a person instead of just a piece of paper or a number to push (or NOT) through the system?

I would love to figure out a way to truly be able to make it a "collaboration" between state agencies, insurance companies, providers and ME (my child's advocate)! I have NO IDEA how to make that happen!

Cole was born in February of 2007. Around November, when he was 9 months old, we were told he had cerebral palsy. After many hours of research and questions and 'just through the grapevine' I was informed there were some options for financial (touchy subject) assistance to help us to help Cole.

TEFRA, a Medicaid supplement plan that helps with deductible and coinsurance and some denied services from our insurance plan, is one of those options. After jumping through all specified hoops and time spent waiting in the state offices, I then submitted the application signed by Cole's doctor, the SSI letter I received, a copy of ss cards, insurance card & birth certificate. This was in April 2008.

We were assigned to Mr.R through DHS (department of human services). After many months of unreturned phone calls and the occasional request for additional information from Mr. R, I had no idea what I needed to do next. In August 2008 I received a letter for more information (medical records, doctor bills, hospital stays etc). I get all of this paperwork together AGAIN and send it.

I never quite knew what to do or expect as far as a 'time frame' (Mr. R was sure to say to me with every conversation, in a slow Eeyore like monotone, "I just had a case that took over a year." and would reassure me that our effective date would be retroactive 90 days previous to when I applied) so I patiently waited through the holidays with no contact. After the first of the year I once again started checking with Mr. R but he never had an answer for me.

Some time in May 2009 (I think), during a meeting with my Sooner Start Rescource Coordinator, Ms. M, I had explained this situation and she was kind enough to try to help me.

Once again I had to get additional paperwork together (some being duplicate of what I had sent in August, some being updated medical records and bills). I made multiple copies, sending them to Ms. M. She kept a copy, mailed a copy and hand delivered a copy. I also have a copy. Ms. M also spoke with Mr. R's Supervisor. Then a short time later Mr. R passed away.

During the time that Mr. R had Cole's case, Mr. R had at one time told me Cole had been approved and even gave me his ID number. After contacting providers so that they could bill, one of the providers was very kindly concerned because they thought Cole had passed away. I contacted Mr. R only to find out that that number had belonged to another little boy that had passed and that it was given to him (to give to Cole) in error. Imagine how that would make you feel as a parent!

Since that time, Cole's file has been passed off to at least 3 other workers (may be 4) in that office and I have had to send more paperwork AGAIN, which included another application, copies of my driver's license, Cole's birth certificate, social security card & insurance card...and more medical records which I have to request (and pay for some) from providers. All of which they should have had. This was sent on February 23, 2010 to B, another DHS case worker.

I last called B on March 30 and after much coercion she contacted the TEFRA office. She advised me that 2 ladies are working on Cole's file but she did not have an answer for me as far as if he has been approved or not. She stated one lady has completed her part in the decision making but the other was out of office ill. I asked her for their names and numbers so I could follow up another day. She advised me that she could not give me that information. This seems very odd, but  I asked her to please try again the next day. As of April 1st, I had not heard back from her.

Our providers have been so patient but also are concerned about how they will bill back that far as they state they can only bill back 1 year. I was told that due to special circumstances (the DHS workers taking so long, not me) that the providers could still bill TEFRA.

About a month ago we FINALLY received an in-home visit from a nurse and was advised we should hear something and/or receive Cole's ID card within 2 weeks.

THEN....the 1,953,743rd phone call this morning....

Only to find out they decided to make his TEFRA effective as of February 1 .....  2010!!!

Meaning all deductibles (for 3 years), all 10% of every hospital, therapy, doctor, and medical equipment bill, and all charges that my personal insurance did not feel was a medical necessity for my baby, for the past 2 years ...we will be out of pocket for.

We hate to have to ask or accept any help to take care of any of our children as we feel it is our responsibility, but having a child with special needs has forced us to ask AND accept whatever help we can receive, especially when one piece of equipment (wheelchair) costs as much as a car (over $10,000).

To top it all off, I had asked B how long she has had this approval and ID information. The first words she said were an excuse that she had been ill. I asked when I could expect the actual ID card and THEN she advised me it would be sent after it was certified…which she “thought” she had done yesterday. Again I felt like to her my baby was just an unimportant number that could be certified whenever she felt like getting to it, instead of thinking of how important it could be to help us.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Local Sports Association to Help Cole!

I am still in shock....and giddy!

Every year our local sports association, EASI, holds a baseball tournament in honor of baseball player Greg Biagini that passed away October 3, 2003 from kidney cancer. EASI always asks for recommendations from others if they know of any family that could use the assistance of this benefit.
As you may, or may not know, WE are one of those families. This is a subject we honestly try not to dwell on or to bring to the light of others. We do NOT like to ask for help! God has humbled us and we have had to learn to put our pride away and ask for a little help from time to time when he sent Cole to us. This happened to be one of those times. So, my sweet husband, sent the following email to the sweet lady that requested the recommendations.

In case you are still looking for families that may need some assistance, I may have one that you haven't thought of. Here is a chance to help one of your own. This family just happens to be my own. Over the last three years we have learned a lot about what it is like to have children with disabilities. As you know, my youngest son, Cole, has Cerebral Palsy. It has been a challenge for us to keep up with his necessities, both in therapy and medical needs. He takes four different medications and with all of his medical equipment (walker, feeding chair, manual wheelchair, and power chair coming later this year) and sending him to Special Care, a school to help integrate the disabled with the typical child, as you can imagine the cost is astronomical. We have survived by asking for donations but most of these have dried up because of the economy. Even with insurance helping, we are finding that keeping up is a very daunting task. We have also learned that you don't get if you don't ask, so, with that being said, if you are still looking, we would like for you to consider our family.

Thanks for all you do!!!!


Joe and Leanna Keathley

We have been blessed!
There are no words eloquent enough to express our gratitude to Terri, EASI and/or to all the awesome volunteers that help keep this benefit tournament going every year....and for choosing US for this year!
This all could not have come at a better time for us! With the economy being like it is right now, we were trying to figure out a way to be able to continue sending Cole to Special Care as we are unable to pay his tuition along with other things Joe mentioned.
Here is the email that EASI sent out about the tournament! If you are in the area and want to come meet us, we would love to see you!

We will holding the Biagini Benefit tournament on June 5-6! This is a great tournament for the kids as there will be a homerun hitting and baserunning contest, cookout, auction and great tournament t-shirts, along with a 3 game guarantee! This year we will be helping a family in our league who's child has cerebral palsy...this is an opportunity to play in a great tournament along with helping a family that has participating in our league for some time. To sign-up, please click here and fill out the registration form. We are offering a 50% coupon (see below) to our league teams towards the registration fee for this tournament, so please come join the fun and help one of our own. This tournament is also worth DOUBLE USSSA points also!
We are also offering a contest between now and June 5 - the team that raises the most money to donate to the benefit will get to enjoy a team pizza party to be used at a date and time determined by the team! The contest is open to all teams, whether you are able to participate in the tournament or not!

We are also looking for any auction items that you, your company or a family on your team could donate! The amount raised for the auction will be included in the contest to see who raises the most money. If you can donate anything, please contact Terri at 340-5300!