Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday – Hippity Hop


What? Did I miss posting about Easter?

So, no big deal if I backtrack to a few events through A Thousand Words Thursday, right?

Isn’t that the point? Use those old(er) photos that say a thousand words?

I want to show you how much Cole has grown since last Easter.

This first picture (above) is Cole this past Easter of 2009. He was loving it when I piled all of his Easter basket goodies all over him…grass and all. He was getting so excited and even started helping pulling everything out, which I thought was great use of his hands.

Now, below you will see Cole from last Easter of 2008. He really had NO interest in the eggs, candy, toys (other than when Shane was blowing his bubbles) or even his grass from his basket.


Either way, isn’t he just as cute as a button? (whatever that really means…just adorable!!) I just love my little man to pieces!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday - Tubes

090515-053707-3Early to Rise!

On last Friday, May 15th we left the house bright and early to go to Mercy Hospital Outpatient Surgery to have tubes placed in Cole’s ears.

Hopefully we can get some relief from the constant ear infections that he has had all year.

090515-083839-3Not a Happy Camper!

My poor baby! He really was a trooper! He was slightly cranky before the surgery while sitting in the waiting room for 1 1/2 hours and then here when coming out of anesthesia.

I really don’t blame him for the crankiness in the waiting room. That is a LONG time to ask a baby to happily sit when it is THAT early in the morning (I felt a little cranky myself!) and then he just wanted his bottle of milk. Unfortunately that couldn’t happen.

090515-154524-3Wanna Smooch?

So this lovely lady is what Daddy came up with to entertain Cole while we were once again waiting…but to be released this time. He grabbed a surgical glove and blew it up like a balloon.

Of course I added eyes and lips after we came home and Cole thought this chic was pretty funny!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday – I’m So Excited!

Aunt Stephanie helping Cole walk
Don’t you just LOVE the BabyLegs?
I have been awful about posting. I still have not posted from Cole’s birthday. From any of our Easter and several other things.
I just wanted to throw in this because he was so cute in his shorts and BabyLegs at Easter. His Aunt Stephanie was helping him walk and he was getting so excited.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

I Feel So Blessed This Mother's Day

Cole had a very busy week. Just him and I went to Tulsa from Thursday through Saturday and he got to spend some time with his Grandma.

While we were there Cole's Uncle Bobby took there pictures and I thought they were so cute that I should share.

We were really having to work hard to try to get him to smile for the pictures!

I am so thankful that Uncle Bobby is so talented! We ended up finding a couple of shots we could use.

I know that I am truly blessed to have my precious baby Cole. And it is amazing to watch him grow and to see his progress that is SO huge to us (although usually very small strides for a typical child)!

I came across this video on the internet today and thought it would be perfect to share for Mother's Day! It sings about how Mom's just love their baby's just like they are! That's exactly how I feel about Cole.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday-We Survived Botox

Turn It Daddy

Joe was so much help. Cole loves to be read to and Joe kept him happily entertained reading The Lion King. (notice the clenched fist grabbing Joe's hand)

Love This Book!

Cole says, "...and the lion says 'ROAR!'"

Funny Face

Smile for the camera! He's already making silly faces before getting the versed.

That's so Funny!

And...with the versed it is even funnier when Daddy reads Finding Nemo.

Cole received 3-4 injections of the Botox in each arm. We were so proud of him because he did not shed even one tear. As a matter of fact, he didn't fuss at all.

Ta-Da, I Did It!

"Ta-Da! I did it!"

I have to say, I don't think that Botox is the 'miracle cure' for Cole but it has obviously made a difference already.

Now I just hope for the next few months, while Cole's muscle's are relaxed, his therapists can use this opportunity to 're-train' his brain to tell his muscles how to react without also fighting the spacticity.

Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and your support! I am glad we made the decision to move forward with getting the injections. I will post more as we see progress.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cole Before Botox

(see more pics by clicking on the + on the far right pic)

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am dreading the 4:00 am wake up call when it is time for a bottle and my poor baby will be screaming at me, not understanding why I will not give him one.

I dread that my baby will be unhappy and uncomfortable while strangers poke and prod him, not understanding why I am letting them do this.

I pray that I am wrong, that he will be fine and go with the flow of things.

I pray that we only see a positive outcome from the Botox injections.