Monday, May 11, 2009

I Feel So Blessed This Mother's Day

Cole had a very busy week. Just him and I went to Tulsa from Thursday through Saturday and he got to spend some time with his Grandma.

While we were there Cole's Uncle Bobby took there pictures and I thought they were so cute that I should share.

We were really having to work hard to try to get him to smile for the pictures!

I am so thankful that Uncle Bobby is so talented! We ended up finding a couple of shots we could use.

I know that I am truly blessed to have my precious baby Cole. And it is amazing to watch him grow and to see his progress that is SO huge to us (although usually very small strides for a typical child)!

I came across this video on the internet today and thought it would be perfect to share for Mother's Day! It sings about how Mom's just love their baby's just like they are! That's exactly how I feel about Cole.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Happy Mother's Day! XOXOXOX

  2. Holy cow! Are those OPEN hands?! Nice!

  3. What beautifull happy smiles. Hope you are having a great weekend.