Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday - Tubes

090515-053707-3Early to Rise!

On last Friday, May 15th we left the house bright and early to go to Mercy Hospital Outpatient Surgery to have tubes placed in Cole’s ears.

Hopefully we can get some relief from the constant ear infections that he has had all year.

090515-083839-3Not a Happy Camper!

My poor baby! He really was a trooper! He was slightly cranky before the surgery while sitting in the waiting room for 1 1/2 hours and then here when coming out of anesthesia.

I really don’t blame him for the crankiness in the waiting room. That is a LONG time to ask a baby to happily sit when it is THAT early in the morning (I felt a little cranky myself!) and then he just wanted his bottle of milk. Unfortunately that couldn’t happen.

090515-154524-3Wanna Smooch?

So this lovely lady is what Daddy came up with to entertain Cole while we were once again waiting…but to be released this time. He grabbed a surgical glove and blew it up like a balloon.

Of course I added eyes and lips after we came home and Cole thought this chic was pretty funny!

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  1. Poor guy! I hope he is feeling better now.

  2. That is a really long time to make a little one wait! Love the blow up doll, lol.

  3. I haven't been keeping up with my blog as often anymore. It has been crazy. I tried to catch up on your blog, as I scanned through your pics...I LOVE ALL his pictures!! Adorable Growing boy! Hope you don't mind, I added your link--kept going through Vanessa's to get to yours--just being lazy I guess. Anyway, Cole keep up the Great Work you look great.

  4. Why do they think it's alright to try to keep the little ones waiting so long?? I hope he's feeling better and his earaches cease!!

  5. I'm sure you'll be glad you got the tubes for him; I've heard they really make a difference.

  6. so thankful to have found your blog :) Prayerfully it iwll help me when we finally get Jeremiah home!

    mama to Noah, Celeste and Jeremiah