Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday – Hippity Hop


What? Did I miss posting about Easter?

So, no big deal if I backtrack to a few events through A Thousand Words Thursday, right?

Isn’t that the point? Use those old(er) photos that say a thousand words?

I want to show you how much Cole has grown since last Easter.

This first picture (above) is Cole this past Easter of 2009. He was loving it when I piled all of his Easter basket goodies all over him…grass and all. He was getting so excited and even started helping pulling everything out, which I thought was great use of his hands.

Now, below you will see Cole from last Easter of 2008. He really had NO interest in the eggs, candy, toys (other than when Shane was blowing his bubbles) or even his grass from his basket.


Either way, isn’t he just as cute as a button? (whatever that really means…just adorable!!) I just love my little man to pieces!

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  1. Yep, cute, yep wow he's grown! Earlier this week I shared a photo of my eldest son at around 8 years old and another just a few weeks ago at nearly 18.

  2. Aw they grow so fast it's amazing. Great story/photos.

  3. He does look much happier this Easter!! He's adorable, what a difference a year makes, he looks so much older!!

  4. What a little sweetie you have there. Such beautiful eyes!!!

  5. Perfect post! I can't believe the change, he went from little baby looking to big boy! Love the colors in that photo too!! Happy ATWT!

  6. Oh I'm OK with the Easter post...and it's a GREAT ONE! He is adorable circa 2008 and 2009 -- you have a handsome little fella for sure!

  7. love those eyelashes! what a cutie!

  8. He does look very pleased, WOW he has grown a lot!

  9. VERY adorable, and he looks so happy!

  10. I am also amazed at how much they grow in just one year. Those are great pics!!

  11. They grow way to fast! What a sweet picture. TFS

  12. Cole is getting really big! I am so happy for his progress. Congrats on a beautiful child, he truly is an inspiration to us all.

    BTW, I just want to smooch his beautiful eyes! My daughter Violet has eyes like that!