Monday, July 28, 2008

School Update


I spoke with Special Care School (see previous post) today and Cole is IN! She said she will call me by the end of this week after they have moved everyone but it looks like he may be starting the third week of August.

I can't believe it! I am so excited as I KNOW this will be the best thing for him but I am also SO scared because we have not gotten the donations we thought we would and we can not afford this on our own.

It is time to get Cole's story out there more and pray that we get donations in before he starts.


  1. Hooray!!!! That's wonderful news!~

  2. Glad your son got into the school! We are going through the same thing trying to raise $ for my daughter Alaina's schooling! Her tuition is $15,000/year, blach! Hope you raise the $ that you need!

  3. It took a lot of work, but mostly I would go around to buisness' and ask if they would like to donate for our auction. About 1/2 said yes and the other half said no or the manager wasn't in.

    I also have a commitee of friends helping me out majorly! I will post the outcome of the fundraiser. I can't wait till it's over!!!

  4. OMG, can you even believe Cole starts Special Care School tomorrow? I'm so excited to hear how it goes. I will be thinking of you both! Hugs.