Monday, July 27, 2009

Many, many “Thank You”’s!

I know to some the subject of donations can be a touchy one.
I have been wanting to post about my gratitude for all the generous donations we have received big and small but wasn’t sure how others felt about their names being posted.
There are some that I know, some that are total strangers & some from groups so I may not even have all of the names. Some donations are not necessarily monetary but have helped just the same.
If I forget to mention you & you have donated, please forgive me. I have tried to make note since the beginning but my memory is not always the best.
Many, many “Thank You”’s go to:

Family (of course)
Grandma & Papa (Mom-thanks for the week you made sure Brett & Shane were taken care of while I stayed with my fragile baby in the NICU), Bobby & Stephanie, Johnny & Shawna for not only the money you threw in but for the support you offered. Travis for your trips to the NICU to check on your newest little nephew and Erica for the phone calls to Papa checkin in on the babe. And Grandapa Bob for always calling with concern & keeping his side of the family informed.

Aunt Sonia…for the daily visits and pics in the NICU (and for tickling Cole’s feet just to piss him off ;P) and bringing Kelsey with you when you could. David & Sally for the many phone calls making sure we were ok.

We have so many, it will be difficult to mention all by name (it’s a wonderful thing) but I will start with the parents from Shane’s baseball team that made a personal visit up to the hospital while I was still delirious and upset because my baby had to be bussed to a separate hospital. And the parents that made food and brought to our home knowing how difficult it was to spend all day at the hospital & still have to come home to feed our other boys. Jeff & Jennifer for being brave enough to keep Brett & Shane at your place (was it for the whole weekend?). And Wes & Keri Hill, Wes thanks for offering to organize a baseball fundraiser and for helping with the 'follow through'.

Rockie & Julie,Cindy W., Kim, Cathy, Sheila, Cindy B, and Sydney, Kim & Terry.
Co-workers Twylah, Kelly, Marilyn, Shara, Chris, Dorothy, Stacie, Tammy, Cara & Thomas,Vicki, Jackie, Mitchell, Kim and Pam.
Joe’s builder/employer David & Sherrie and partner Carl & Emily, friend Craig and the guys from the church men’s basketball group.
All of our friends we have made through the Early Intervention team for all the wonderful services you have provided from services to apply for to therapy you have provided. Special thanks to Lindy & Kim for hooking us up with the fund raiser and bringing your friends and most of all for loving my baby as your own…he loves you guys. Nova for getting the fund raiser together for us.
For his other therapists at Jim Thorpe. You guys were awesome with Cole & we miss you. I’m sure we will see you again soon.
Thanks to Azhar Therapy’s owner Lisa that provides Cole with aqua therapy, which he LOVES!
I don’t want to leave out the wonderful nurses from the NICU that took such gentle care of my baby and comforted us when we would freak out every time the monitors attached to Cole would go off (again). Special thanks to LaTonya who added extra comfort as she is the wife of a co-worker & we had met previously.
Cole’s pediatrician, Dr. Simmons, neuro, Dr. Hille and Dr. Wright that is working with Cole’s botox injections (and all the wonderful staff).
Cole’s teachers at Special Care School (which he loves) Loretta, Julie, Angela, Rachel, Rachel, Ryan, Phyllis and others I am sure I have left off. And special thanks to the owner Pam that made it possible for Cole to get what he needs. Pam D for all the bookkeeping. And for his wonderful therapists that do so many wonderful things with Cole…Suzanne & Joan.
We appreciate the calls, concerns, food, hugs, and prayers!! and what money you may have contributed.
Special “Thanks” to Crocks shoes for supplying Cole with shoes that are AWESOME and fit great over his orthotics.
Much love to other mommy bloggers that have helped provide me with my therapy. Blogging has been as awesome outlet for me.
Thanks to Mel (daughter with CP) for the friendship, laughs, and the generous offer to donate $4 for every “Cole'” tile necklace sold from your shop.
Thanks Keri (son with CP) for so much wonderful CP info and the friendship.
Thanks Heather (son with CP) for friendship and prayers and support.
Thanks to all of the Signing Time group for opening a door of communication. And the friendships I have made in the group.
…and to the monetary donations…we appreciate your generosity so much!! Without your help we would not have been able to keep Cole in Special Care School.
Ed Daniel, Keith Gibbes, Dean & Susan Vassilakos, Kurt & Karen Billen, Ashley Turvey (Jones?), Will Massad, Joshua Guess, Charles Schiavo, and in loving memory of our friend Ed - Brent & Connie Weis and the Revenue Accounting Dept at Mustang Fuel Corporation, Janie Colliver, Tanya Brown, Karen Johns, Barbara Knight, Linda Kolar. Jeffrey Kunkel, Amy Hopmann.
And if you remember John Connor from the Del City baseball fields…he had made a very generous offer and I posted about his generous offer here…that offer did not occur at that time. Now, I want to tell him an official ‘thank you’ as last week while we were out of town he was kind enough to follow through with part of his offer and made a donation into Cole’s account at his school which will allow us to use recent donations in his trust towards his medical equipment and bills.
THANK YOU! to you all!
Now we will have to concentrate on other fund raisers & donations to finish paying for treatments/therapies (as at times insurance feels these are not medically necessary so we will be paying out of pocket) and medical equipment he requires just to assist him as he still can not sit, crawl, stand, walk, or talk on his own. We will also have future schooling to pay for.
Any ideas or any garage sales or fund raisers in Cole’s name are appreciated as well!


  1. Holy Moly Woman! I can't remember my name half the time, let alone how to thank everyone! I love you truly are my therapy! xoxox

  2. Yay! You are fortunate to have a great support network and I feel extremely lucky to be a part. THANK YOU for letting me!!