Friday, May 16, 2008

Aqua Therapy

Well, Cole had his initial eval for aqua therapy on May 14th!!

Woohoo - he LOVED it!! Ok, so it took a little convincing. He wasn't too sure at first. He definitely knew he did not want to float on his back. But, she was so clever and snuck it in there anyway.

The building with the pool is separate so we were the only ones in there. This is a very good thing for Cole....he is so nosy that we struggle to keep his attention with us normally. (I swear, he must get that from his

So, this awesome pool is called an 'endless' pool. No, it is not like a doughnut, continually going simply has some machine that makes 'currents' for some resistance which will make the muscles work a little harder. Let me tell you, Cole loved this part of it. Lisa (the therapist) was so awesome with him. At one point he had dropped his head as he was getting tired and when he came back up she was so sweet and gave him a big smooch. The most natural thing to if her own child.

I had to get permission to take her pic with Cole and she doesn't mind so next week I will get pics of them working together then post the pics.

I was so impressed with how hard Cole worked and while I was drying off he sat so straight and tall while balancing on her knee. What a big boy.

I am excited to see what all these therapies have to offer and can't wait to see the results!

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