Thursday, May 15, 2008

Special Care School for Cole I have had the chance to tell my wonderful news to a few but thought I would go ahead and share for those I haven't told.

So, in all my research, and checking with friends, I found a school called Special Care ( ) that I want so desperately to send Cole. He would get therapy 5 days a week and play (more therapy) all day long.

So, it will be so awesome to find a way even though it cost $170 a week. I have seen the school and it is beautiful. In the class room he would be in there are so many opportunities for therapeutic play.

Well, I had mentioned it to a friend of ours, asking for fund raiser ideas. He has been wonderful and rolled with it. He started making phone calls and posting in a forum for the baseball community here since we are always at the fields with Shane.

We have had the great pleasure to meet our new friend John (the owner of one of the big ball fields) and he is doing all he can to help us make this happen for Cole...AND his family pledged to donate monthly for his schooling. So, he asked other teams to make pledges. A coach said his team would make a one time pledge...So, when I met him and his wife for the first time I could only tell them how much we appreciate this opportunity and give them both a big hug!

I just cried from the generosity of total strangers. I am still in shock!!

So, we went to tour the school and found out that Cole is #14 on the waiting list and all I can do is pray that at least 10 people have found other places and no longer will attend the school (unless I can find a way to bribe her - LOL). Otherwise, we will have to wait until the new wing is complete to have 45 more openings. This should happen within this next year.

I am so impatient! The sooner we can get him in the better. I think he will need to be in this school for at least 2 years if at possible.

I honestly want to thank our baseball team family for always being there since the day Cole was born (and even the newbies now) for always showing such support for us. It's great to have such good people in our lives. And I know there will never be a way to show our appreciation to John and his family and the baseball community for all they are willing to offer a total stranger.

-Thank you!

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