Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Haircut

This past Wednesday we finally took Cole in for his first official haircut. Yes, I had snipped his bangs just a little to keep it out of his eyes but it is now completely cut off. He sat in his X-Panda seat, we caped him and started cutting.

I will admit that I would have let it keep growing as he had the cutest curls but he was hurting himself. Cole would play with his curls and when he would get a little upset he would start pulling. This would make him more mad (you could see that he was thinking 'who's pulling my hair?') because due to the spasticity in his hands he could not let go of his hair. It was such a vicious cycle. Poor baby!

Dad was glad I finally agreed to get it cut. He said it was starting to look like a mullet (he pulled it off well...LOL) and several people would say "oh, she's so cute". Ok, does he look like a girl? I don't think so!

Well, now my baby looks like such a big boy!

Snip Snip (video) and Buzz Buzz (video)

Love these curls!

Oh no! There they go!

Handsome big boy!


  1. Handsome indeed! He's so darn cute, I just wanna gobble him up! Love the new cut!

  2. He looks great! What a handsome boy, and my GOSH how that smile lights up his face :)

  3. Such a cute haircut! I am dreading the day I am going to have to cut Sam's hair.

  4. Ohh! He does look like such a big boy! Yes the curls are adorable, but he looks so cute any way his hair is cut! Let us know how the fundraiser awesome!