Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Days

Cole's 1st day at school!

Brett & Shane

It seems so strange to be completely alone in the house to work. It is so bitter-sweet! I miss all three of my boys (I know, I'm crazy). I have gotten so accustom to blocking out the noises in the background that, now that it is so quiet, I have to have some kind of noise to be able to stay focused.

Brett and Shane started their first day in the public school system this year on August 20th. Brett is a Junior and yet it seems like just yesterday that I was shedding tears on his first day of kindergarten. When Shane started pre-K, I was able to contain my tears but still felt the strings tugging on my heart. I thought he would be my last baby to be sending off on his 'first day'. He is now in second grade. Both of the boys were so independent that they wanted to go into the school alone on their first day. Of course, I had to walk in with them.

Cole is a whole other story. With him being my third child it was a little easier letting go BUT because he is so dependent on me it was so much harder. Let's talk about bitter-sweet...I have had my focus solely on getting my last child into Special Care school so that he can get the care he needs. I know that this is exactly what he needs, exactly what the family needs, but I realized I am as dependent on him as he is on me. I have become so used to all the appointments and rearranging everyone's schedules that now I am feeling slightly lonely and not quit as needed. I'm sure I will get over that once I get into the routine of getting everyone out the door and getting straight to work. I might actually even get to enjoy some 'family time' in the evenings since I won't be working all night.

So, Cole's first week went great! He seems to not mind when I leave him in the mornings and the only time I have seen him crying was the very first day and that was his normal 'melt down' time of the day. They have been putting him in his stander, a gait trainer and he has been eating from their menu instead of only baby food. I am so proud of him! We have worked it out so he will have individual therapy every day still and his teachers have been working with him too. They are awesome!

It is a wonderful feeling to know we have a place to take Cole that can provide therapy and work with him to improve on his disability.

We are going to really miss our friend, Tiffany, that took such great care of him up until now. I am so thankful that she loved him and cared for him regardless of his CP. She was so sweet and offered to watch Cole any other time we might need her. Looks like now Joe will have no excuse for not taking me on a date!


  1. Leanna, I adore you! Your boys are absolutely gorgeous! I love that you still take pictures of the very first school day for your boys. That's so cool. Just know, you are always needed no matter the situation. You are a phenomenal mother! I can't possibly say enough.

  2. Go Cole! Go and do your school thing. Mom will be FINE, I swear :)
    Your boys are just so handsome :)