Friday, October 31, 2008

I found this awesome way to raise a little money for Cole's trust to help towards tuition for his school. Check out this letter that I sent out to every email address I currently have in this computer. I am certain that I can find some more (past baseball rosters, etc) that have been tucked away.

With each click in the search engine it is only pennies donated but imagine if everyone we have known used it and everyone they knew used it...and so on and so on! And, it cost you no money to use this to search the wonderful web! It is quickly becoming that time of year to start your Christmas shopping and if you do any shopping online (very nice with our very busy lives) then it does no harm to see if iGive has the place you are looking for. They even offer great sales and coupons. Best of all, you are not out any extra money and a small percentage of sales is donated from the store to the Cole Keathley Support Trust IF you pick his cause to support!

Please see the letter I sent below and feel free to copy and send to all of your contacts to help us be able to continue to send Cole to Special Care School....that he LOVES so much! Thank you!

Hi there!

I've found a cool way to raise money, every time I shop online or search the web, and I think you should check it out: &

I'm using to raise money for Cole Keathley Support Trust, every time I shop online at any of their 735 participating stores. And when I search the web through (a new search engine powered by Yahoo!), I'm raising a penny or more for my cause every time. Guess what, even window shopping can help! When I visit online stores through, each visit counts as an entry in their $50,000 Surfathon sweepstakes where I can win a prize for my cause! They're giving away $1000 in prizes, every month through the end of the year! I hope you'll join me for more chances to win - just create your free iGive account and check out their stores. You don't even have to buy anything!

If you do happen to make a purchase through iGive within 45 days of joining, they'll donate an EXTRA $5 to your favorite cause! With 735 stores in the iGive Mall and the new search engine, it's easy to find the things you need AND raise money for a good cause.


1. Join to support Cole Keathley Support Trust
It's free, safe, and easy to join.

Don't feel like registering?
Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit and type "Cole Keathley Support Trust" in the "Select Your Cause" area

2. Shop through's online mall
~ OR ~
Raise a penny search at
The iGive Mall features over 700 trusted online retailers like Lands' End, Staples, NORDSTROM, JCPenney, eBay,, Barnes & Noble, QVC, & PETsMART to name just a few! You'll NEVER pay more when you reach these stores through And if you take advantage of the coupons and free shipping deals posted at iGive, you might even save a few bucks! Their newest service,, is Yahoo!-powered search engine where each qualified search earns a penny (or more!) for your cause.

3. Watch the $ roll in for Cole Keathley Support Trust!
Up to 26% of EACH purchase through iGive benefits your cause, along with a penny (or more!) per qualified search at Make that first purchase within 45 days and get a bonus $5 donation, too! And the more stores you visit, the more chances to win a prize for your cause during the Surfathon!

Use this link to JOIN iGIVE FOR FREE and begin supporting
Cole Keathley Support Trust:

Don't feel like registering?
Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit and type "Cole Keathley Support Trust" in the "Select Your Cause" area.

I hope to see you at soon!
All proceeds will help fund his schooling at Special Care where he receives the care and the therapies he needs to help him to learn to live with his Cerebral Palsy. You can see his blog for info about him at
Please forward this info to all of your contacts and ask for their support for this cause for Cole Keathley.
Thank you so much!!
- Leanna and Joe Keathley

P.S. would like you to know that all the causes at have been listed by members for their own and others' benefit. They don't endorse the causes, and the causes don't endorse them. But I DO! So, c'mon, click on that link above.


  1. I support you. I will check it out.

  2. We've already started clicking for Cole! I signed up just as soon as I got your email. Let me tell ya, it was super easy. It's only day one and we've managed to raise $0.64. Two thoughts... 1. What the hell are we doing on the Internet so much? and 2. It may not seem like a lot of money, but this is just the beginning. It's the least we can do for little man Cole. We love him so much! Just take a peek at him, how can you not? He's absolutely adorable!

  3. Leanna, I'm so excited about iGive, its really cool!! I've already signed up & I posted a link on our blog about it as well. I hope it works out and adds up fast!!