Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Party @ School

Can anyone say "moon bounce"? Cole loved it! Had he been in his costume, I'm sure you would have truly mistaken him for the actual true-blue Tigger from Whinnie the Pooh. He loved bouncing (or actually, being bounced) on the moon bounce set up in his class room at school.

While we played and took pictures, Ms. Loretta and The Ninja (aka-Shane) took a trip around the school collecting candy. When they returned we all got to play and jump. Yes, even I climbed in for a little bounce too.

Check out this fun Halloween food I made (Mummy's & Halloween Cookie Pizza) and see how adorable these kids are! You will see Cole in a picture with two of his teachers, Ms. Loretta and Ms. Rachel, then in another with Ms. Jeannie. Ms. Starla is out having her baby. We just love these ladies!!


  1. Lots of goodies and lots of fun! Two great reasons to love Halloween!

  2. Cole's school looks like so much fun! Glad you both were able to enjoy the moon bounce with all those cute kiddos!

  3. WOW he had so much fun. He looks adorable with his costume! I love his smile.

  4. I think Cole should be a model!
    look at those expressions, and again he is so cute!

    You must be proud of him! It ooks like he enjoyed his bounce in the house!