Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Cole (sweet potato face) & Cousin Preslie

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Day feast this year at Grandma and Papa's house.

I brought my 'secret recipe' dressing that was handed down from Joe's side of the family...that everyone loves. I'm beginning to think that maybe they just don't want to be the one to make it. It IS very time consuming....but it IS very good! Mom made the usual Thanksgiving food and others brought desserts.

As you can see Cole loved the sweet potatoes (his fav), the mashed potatoes with gravy, and I mashed green beans for him. He still can not eat regular table food without gagging and/or losing it (you know what I mean). He did enjoy eating this instead of his baby food though.

My poor baby did have an upset tummy most of the day (not from the food but from the constipation that is very common for CP babies) so he was a little crankier than normal but he was trying hard to have fun anyway! Bless his little heart!

We also went to my brother's home (you can visit him over at AcreeStudios) to have our family pictures taken, which I will post later.

We have SO much to be thankful for! I thank God every day for sparing my beautiful baby(from when he was not even breathing when born) and letting us get to know him! I am thankful that Cole's life is not harder than it is and he has an awesome support system with lots of love from family, friends and his therapists and teachers! I know that even though he can not crawl, sit, stand, walk, talk or eat table food, he IS basically healthy and happy. I thank God for Cole's awesome brothers that love him just like he is and do not treat him any different! I am thankful to have my best friend by my side helping me, being the best Daddy ever! I could not do the things I need to to help Cole if I didn't have his help and support!

Thanks goes out to you, my blogging friends! I appreciate the support and understanding I feel from the kind comments you leave. I also appreciate all of the supporters that follow Cole's story and have been so kind and able to donate to his fund for his school. Without YOU we would not be able to send him to Special Care School where he is loved and he gets his therapies while I work (instead of me running him to a different therapy session every day). Therefore, you also help me keep my sanity in check (at least a little).

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving Day, enjoyed family and/or friends, and did not make themselves sick from eating too much food like I did! ;)


  1. Sounds like overall you had a great Thanksgiving. I am glad you enjoyed the holiday.

  2. What a beautiful family you have. It it obvious how much love you have to give. I bet your family is thankful for you!

  3. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! I had to sneak over to your brother's site! How fortunate to have a photographer in the family, his pics of Cole are so sweet!!

  4. Another great post, Leanna! Happy to hear you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Much like you, I have much to be thankful for and you definitely are on that list! What a cute picture of Cole and his cousin. Boy, he sure has grown! One last thing, you have me curious.... how secret is your secret recipe for dressing?

  5. Awwww I know what you mean about being thankful...I didn't know Cole's situation was so similar to my Hannah's..loss of oxygen at birth....and I too am so greatful she is overall very healthy- hugs we are definitly blessed!! oh and Hannah takes Miralax daily inher morning bottle and it has helped so much!xoxo