Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday - Almost 2

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These are pictures of Cole Dawson on his first birthday. We have 1 month and 1 day until he turns 2 years old.

Most times I honestly don't see what he can NOT do (sit, crawl, stand, talk, walk and only eating baby food) but just see him as my baby. He does get heavy and awkward to carry around everywhere. But, I don't put much thought into the fact that he is the age that he is.

It is easy for me not to compare his milestones to those of what he should be doing and/or what the other two boys did at this age since there is such an age difference. I am thankful for that difference and they are such great helpers!


  1. he's absolutely beautiful. those eyes really ARE a chick magnet!

    happy almost birthday!

  2. Love the little button nose and those two tiny teeth. He's precious!

  3. Happy Birthday Cole!!!

    My LastSon is 6 with "mild" CP... he did everything just later than the rest. He didn't talk until he was 3 1/2 and now he won't stop talking.

    Don't ever focus on what the doctors say, focus on him and his current and coming abilities... the whole "Secret" thing. He's healthy, the doctors just don't know it yet. Let Cole defy them!!!

    That's just my opinion anyway. Take it as you wish :)


  4. I bet he really is a chick magnet!!

  5. what a beautiful boy you have:) love his eyes!

  6. He just gets cuter all the time!! So what's the plan for the big day??

  7. He is gorgeous! Chick magnet...hahah

    i found you over at Cheaper than therapy

  8. Look at those eyes!! You are blessed to have such great sons who are great helpers!!

  9. Those pictures could melt anyone's heart...just gorgeous.

    We have similiar conversations in our house. Our baby will be 2 in April, not sitting, walking, eating, etc. And has two older brothers. All of it changes our life and makes us better people.

  10. What a great hat, my son has a bib that says the same thing. :-)

  11. What a gorgeous boy! Happy ATWT!

  12. I can never get enough of Cole! He's absolutely adorable! I just wanna squeeze the poopy outta him for being so darn cute!