Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday - Push Up!

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Like this? Am I doin it yet?

Ta-Da! Look, Look, Hurry!

Whew! Now I'm worn out!

I wish I could make it easier for Cole. If he could just stay up on his hands/arms he would be so ready to crawl. He does this nose dive action with his butt in the air and will get his legs pumping like he is trying to crawl. Then he gets so excited and his arms go down and back to his sides. Poor baby, he tries so hard!

He understands what we are telling him but he just can't get his hands and arms to do what his mind it telling them to do. We will coach him saying "put your hands up, push". He will maneuver them back in front and will do this half-propped up deal and sometimes he looks like a beached whale (a very cute beached whale) stuck on his belly kicking his fins (feet) around trying to get somewhere.


  1. Awesome job Cole!
    I love how you can tell he is concentrating so hard in the first pics and then the look of joy on his face in the last one because he knows he did it! Awesome.

  2. These photos are great - show exactly what you say - his effort is evident. He is VERY cute! (Just have to say the colors are nice, too.)

    Would you consider just skipping crawling and help him spend his efforts elsewhere?


  3. Do you have any idea how much I love your precious, sweet boy? These pictures are awesome! I bet you can't guess who Cole reminds me of!

    Seriously, rewind Logan back a year or so ago, and that is so him. In time, Cole will get it! When he's ready, he'll take off!

  4. It would be nice if we could make it easier for them.

    But he seems to be able to figure out some of it.

    He is so adorable!

  5. GO COLE! He'll be rocking those push-ups soon enough. He looks pretty happy with himself!!