Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday-New Wheels

What do you think? Cole's new wheels are awesome, right?

Monday morning I was scheduled to go in early to Cole's school so I could pick up his new bath seat (later post). When I walk in I see a pretty shiny blue KidWalk (walker) close by. So, of course, I start getting SO excited!

Yes! This was Cole's new wheels. His KidWalk had come in! We appreciated the use of the Rifton the school had let us borrow so Cole could get around but he has so much more fun and can actually maneuver his KidWalk a lot easier.

The Rifton (as do most gait trainers and walkers) has wheels that stick out in front and would get stuck on everything. This KidWalk has everything beside or behind him. Now IF he could use his hands he would be able to reach to open doors, turn the t.v. off and on (he has already been checking this option out), and easily get around corners.

This is so great to have this piece of medical equipment as it helps him feel a little more independent and let's me get other things done since he can move around on his own.

Today his daddy went to pick him up from school so I could go work out and when I pull up into the driveway they were outside playing. Cole was rolling around everywhere and quickly. He also was so much happier tonight and actually went to sleep easier.

This is a good work out for HIM and will help him build his muscles!

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  1. Oh, he is a cutie! Oh, his new walker sounds like a blessing!!

  2. Adorable. Look at him go! Aaaahhhh, sweet freedom!

  3. ....and I bet Cole is loving it. Every minute.

    My Wordful is all about the fascination of toilet water....to 'kids'. Come by if you can find some time today, won't you? Happy Wednesday.

  4. I bet he can really get a goin with those fancy new wheels.

  5. Sweet ride!! I'm totally thrilled for Cole. I hope he gets lots more good workouts!! Watch your toes!

  6. Outstanding!