Sunday, June 8, 2008


I guess I really should have introduced Cole’s brothers before now! Better late than never, right?

Both of his brothers are awesome with him! He loves them so much! And they love him!

The oldest, Brett, will be 16 this July. He is such a great helper! I don’t know if I could have kept what little sanity I have without his help. As I mentioned before, we knew something was different long before we got the official diagnosis for Cole. There have been so many times I have had to ask Brett to hold his brother, to feed his brother, to change his brother (only the pee diapers, of course), just so I could fix supper, do laundry or even just go to the bathroom!

I have previously mentioned Shane, which will be 7 in this month, June. Since he is too little to be able to pick up Cole without help, he helps by entertaining Cole. He also is good about bringing things to me when I am changing Cole and taking out the stinky diapers for us (whew, I am so glad I don’t have to do this…lol).

Both of the boys make Cole laugh and hate to hear him upset. They help with home therapy by playing with him. They are awesome big brothers!

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  1. Your boys are gorgeous! I adore the first picture of all of them in the water. Awesome, I love it!