Friday, June 13, 2008

Kinesio Taping

Do you know what Kinesio Taping is?

I didn’t either until I read about it on Cafémom. This info was posted in a group for Cerebral Palsy.

Before I could even ask about kinesio, Cole’s PT, Christa asked if I wanted to try this for Cole.

Christa gave me some info about this and explained it was originally derived from a chiropractor and they use a stretchy tape to wrap or apply to the necessary area. For Cole, Christa uses the tape to make an X across his belly and another strip under his belly to help strengthen the abdominals.

You would think Cole should be sitting on his own soon with all the help we are trying for him.


  1. He WILL be sitting on his own, it's going to happen in time :) Adorable pictures, he's such a cutie. Is his disposition as sunny as his smile??

  2. that stuff works really good for Giuli, it helped her elax her high tone! Love the horsie!! :)

  3. I came accross your site looking for Kinesio tape info. My youngest is 2 and has hemiplegic CP and we use the Kinesio for her right hand. It seems to be helping. Good luck!!

    Mel & Piper (age 2)

  4. Is he felt confidence in kinesio tape? How does it work to him?
    Kinesiology is amazing solution in pains. I haven't try it totally when my stomach is aching. Thanks for posting this.

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  5. Sports Strapping Tape often use by athletes but we can also use it even we're not. It is a great medicine in any muscle pains.