Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Physical therapy and Occupational therapy.

Since finding out that Cole has CP we decided to also seek out outside therapies in addition to what we were getting from our EI program with Sooner Start. Our EI program came only every other week for PT.

We had bumped into a sweet friend from the past in the NICU (his twins were there at the same time Cole was). He had mentioned, to Joe, that he had been receiving therapy from Jim Thorpe Rehab for his girls. So, I made some phone calls and started Cole there too.

We started out with his OT, Jill, until she went out on maternity leave. We will be hooking back up with her as soon as she is able to come back to work. I will add more info on her work and some pics when she returns.

Before Jill left she got us started with working with Cole’s PT, Christa. As you can see in the pics, Cole loves the swing that she puts him in. He must really love Christa cause he feels free to ‘tell her all about it’ during therapy. I love the way she works with him and pushes him to try a little harder!

Right now we only get this therapy once a week but we are about to add OT so he will get this therapy twice a week from here. He also gets the PT from EI every other week and ST from EI every other week. Then, he gets the aqua therapy once a week and Chiropractor care once a week. This gives Cole 5 different treatments/therapies a week.

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  1. Glad to see he's enjoying it - that can only lead to good things, right?! :)
    Saw your link on CafeMom, and looking forward to getting to know my fellow Momma Bloggers better.