Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ok, so Dr. Hille suggested having an MRI of Cole’s brain. This would allow them to see what (how much) damage was done to Cole’s brain and what areas were affected.

Easier said than done, apparently!

We make our appointment to attempt to perform this MRI without having to completely knock Cole out under anesthesia. The day comes and I make sure he has not slept all day (not a problem since he NEVER sleeps).

We get there and they give me a liquid to help make him sleepy, I give him a bottle and he totally zonks out. He is crashed!! We go back to the ‘room’, strap him all down, wedge things between his head and the machine and lock down this contraption over his head. It’s all good….Cole continues to cut some Z’s while they roll him in the tube.

Whaa, whaa, whaa….a stupid siren sound and loud banging starts!

What the heck? My poor baby wakes and is freaking out (reasonably so)!

So they bring him back out, take the contraption off his head and let me sooth him.

We go through this 4 different times with me feeding him and cleaning him up in between each time due to this literally scaring the crap out of him! Finally, it is decided, this is not going to work without the anesthesia.

In December we have the MRI (under anesthesia)done.

The results come back and show no visible signs, on the MRI, of brain damage.

This is awesome! Right? Does this mean he DOESN’T have CP?

Nope – that is not what that means. I am advised that he does still have CP but the damage was just so minor that it was not visible on the MRI.

Well, that is great news! The only thing is, whether it shows on the MRI or not, it does not change the fact that he does have CP and he still cannot do any of the things he should be doing at this age. So, I tend to feel like this MRI was useless…it only confused me more than I already was and cause me to go on an emotional roller coaster ride – again!

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  1. I'm telling ya, you and me, we are in the front car of that emotional rollercoaster with arms up! I don't know about you, but I'd like to get of this ride. Unfortunately, the ride never ends. It's always one thing after another for our little ones. It's all too familiar Leanna, I know. It's torture to watch your baby have to endure so much. Never forget you are not alone on this journey. God has got your back and so do I.