Friday, June 20, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Did I mention we made a trip to Texas?

We did! Joe coaches Shane’s (our six year old) baseball team and one of our parents gave us tickets to a Texas Rangers baseball game. Wasn’t that cool?

We made it a weekend vacation!

Everything was going great. Cole was in a good mood. The seats were behind home plate. We were up a little high but it was great since we were in the shade.

Then, all the loud music and announcements were blaring out of the speakers right behind us. Cole was no longer a happy camper. Joe took him down away from the noise for a little while and when they came back and he settled down, all was good again.

The Rangers ended up losing to the Houston Astros, 5 to 4!! Man, and they were on the come back!

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